We stock up only from exploitations committed with a forest appreciation process, of long term management. Exploitations that guarantee the wood identification during the next stages.

The type of woods we use:

- Pine of Flanders autoclave class 4 (Pinus Sylvestris certified PEFC & FSC)
- Natural Larch
- Tropical Wood: Bolondo, Iroko ...
- Composite wood
- Glued laminated timber: Pine, Acacia, Oak ...
- Acacia
- Locust for small sections

The type of glue we use meet all European standards of non-contamination.
Superior protection and stained wood Option: On request, we can apply extra protection on the wood against UV discoloration and fungal attack. This protection is respectful with the environment.

The ingredients are natural, VOC, and is based on a molecular reaction with the wood fibers. It is available in many tones finish or even transparent.


Long-lasting forest management (PEFC)

Forest European Programme. The PEFC certification guarantees the product
identification during the next stages of transformation and distribution from the forest to the consumer.


Responsible forest management (FSC)

International network to promote responsible forest management.
The brand FSC objective is to promote and guarantee good forest practice
and establish a homogeneous framework for wood and wood related products.



Corten A Steel

We work with all types of metal and especially steel, as cor-ten steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel and powder-painted. All steel finishing procedures and treatments meet the highest quality requirements and compliance with French and European legislation.

All welds are performed according to the recommendations of the EN 1011.


AISI 316L or 304 stainless steel

These are iron-carbon alloy steels with added chromium, which forms a protective layer of chromium oxide that makes these steels stainless. Available in brushed, satin or matte finish.


Galvanized steel or zinc-plated steel

Galvanising and zinc-plating processes are used to make the steel corrosion-resistant.
Painted finish: once the steel has been galvanized or zinc-plated, it can be painted. We work with top-quality polyester paints for powder-coating (powder paint, oven-hardened). This finish is highly resistant to UV radiation. On request, a choice of colour for your furniture is available from the RAL outdoor selection, which includes Corten look-alike paints. Slate blue, black and Corten brown are the most durable colours.



Other materials

We are equipped to also offer our customers the possibility to use the architectural concrete and the cast stone.

Also we work with experienced suppliers to offer our customers the ability to incorporate materials such as bronze, methacrylate, ceramics, recycled plasitques, coloured wood fibre panel, fiber concrete.