Introducing the &CO litter bin with fullness sensor at the SMART CITY EXPO, in collaboration with DATALONG.

FREPAT in collaboration with DATALONG16 is launching a new range of smart furniture equipped with sensors for real time monitoring.

The &CO litter bin sends data on the level of fullness of the bin.

The collection can be optimized and done when it has to be. This litter bin will be exposed on the SMART CITY EXPO from novembre 15th to 17th, at Gran Via Hall 2 street D Stand 427.

The planters B-GREEN are equiped with watering sensors sending data on the need of water in each planter.

The sensor can be programmed according the need of each plant. It allows optimization of maintenance of parks and gardens.

Frepat papelera con sensor de llenado en el SMARTCTIY EXPO

The benchs and totems are also equiped with sensors.

Benches are controlling passing and time of permanence. They help to quantify the use of an area, assess its suitability for advertising / promotion / information, etc. Also our totems can provide real-time information on air quality, traffic, etc. all for the purpose of improving control for the city as well as for the citizens.