Quai Bus



FFREPAT QUAI BUS is durable and requires no maintenance. The Corten steel is used in ever more public spaces thanks to its qualities combining the durability and aesthetics.
Together with the reinforced concrete it is a high quality product, unalterable in time and it offers high resistance to environmental exposure and adverse weather conditions.

FREPAT QUAI BUS. Unprocessed Corten and rusted finish.

This is an accessibility feature for people with reduced mobility


Its curved profile has been carefully designed to allow the bus to approach as close as possible to the sidewalk edging curb, to improve passenger access to the vehicle and facilitate the acces to disabled persons.

The upper part has been processed to obtain a non-slip surface, through the diamond point finish metal over a width of 30 cm (3rd55 class). More characteristic tone of the Corten steel ensures visual contrast for blind people.

The system is composed of straight pieces and special connecting pieces for changes in direction, allowing to adapt the different plots. The sizes of the parts are manufactured according to the construction site.


The beauty of Corten steel which orange and brown colors varies over time converts this element in a living and changing equipment.
Combined with wood and concrete, it is the easiest option chosen by many designers and architects in urban projects.


FREPAT QUAI BUS is an efficient, functional and durable solution but also an element with a high aesthetic value.