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Unprocessed Corten
Rusted Corten
Unprocessed Corten shot-blasted & rusted


Unprocessed Corten steel: The color of elements will vary over time from the gray to rusty. The final appearance will rust slightly grainy to the touch, like rust. The duration of this process will depend on the conditions of exposure of the elements to the sun, humidity, ... and can vary from 12 to 36 months. The result will be uneven giving to the elements a natural looking.During this process streaks of rust may stain the surrounding soil. Thus, this is not a recommended on light-colored floors.

Corten steel shot-blasted and rusted: Items are shipped after two treatments. The shot-blasted provides a uniform appearance. The accelerating rusting process ensures that the elements have a rusted appearance. This finish is not recommended on light-colored floors.

Corten steel shot-blasted, rusted and stabilized finish, with antifouling treatment (Owatrol): The material undergoes in addition to the two previous treatments application of a matt varnish (Owatrol) that ensures the stabilization of the process and ensures that rust will not stain. The application of this product gives a more urban appearance than a rust natural finish. This treatment should be repeated depending on exposure conditions. This finish is recommended for all environments and floors.

Corten painted
Corten steel galvanized powder coated RAL color or Galvanization (rust protection) +paint for a uniform finish: This finish is recommended for all environments and floors.  
Stainless steel
Stainless steel 304: Suitable for indoor and outdoor, suitable for a unpollutedatmosphere.

Stainless steel 316: Can be used in corrosive environments seaside, swimming pools, etc.) and resistant to high humidity.