One of our favorite materials, COR-TEN steel (S355J2WP + N) is a special wear-resistant steel. The retarding effect of the anti-corrosion layer is produced by the nature of the component and in particular by the concentration and distribution of the alloy elements therein. The protective patina surface is continuously regenerated and is subject to the influence of weathering.

The formation and development of the protective layer weather resistant depends largely on the nature of the corrosive atmosphere. Their influence is variable and depends mainly on the weather.

Some references of works produced in COR-TEN steel

The tensile strength and aesthetic of this steel are the reason for its increasing popularity among architects and designers. It is hard-wearing because of the self-protective layer of rust that forms on the base metal. The protective surface patina is regenerated constantly when the steel is exposed to atmospheric conditions.

Unprocessed finish: products supplied in unprocessed Corten have the appearance of grey sheet steel. The characteristic patina of Corten steel forms naturally in the open air and becomes stabilised over time.
Shot-blasted and rusted finish: the steel undergoes an accelerated rusting process. On delivery, it already has a rusted appearance.
Shot-blasted, rusted and stabilised finish: the rusted Corten steel is stabilised artificially to avoid possible staining during the initial stages.