Frepat offers Project Development Services.

Since the needs detection to the approach of the elements, we put our ability to innovation and design at the service of our customer.

We like to actively contribute to the creation of an improved spaces, with infrastructures, urban elements and indoor furniture.

Our Designers Team works on the development of new products with a focus on quality, aesthetics, functionality and environmental care.

Inclusive, innovative and environmentally responsible Design.



Always at the forefront of metallurgical industry and contemporary architecture, Frepat is an urban furniture manufacturer highly equiped with advanced machinerie. We can forward metallurgical services to our clients everywhere.
Our metallurgical services are organized around cutting, folding, bending, shearing, welding and assembly.

In our factory we have water cutting machine, flame and laser capable of cutting any kind of material. We also have special machinery and precision cylinders for metal bending and CNC turning and milling.

We are also specialized in the study projects related to metal structures, and our technicians allow us to give the best results in the delivery lead time.


We use all kinds of steel (Corten, stainless steel and / or galvanized) and different finishes. Our treatments are processed according to the European laws.
All welding and / or assembly are performed according to the recommendations of the EN 1011.



Wood Maintenance

For the maintenance and recovery of wood, we offer solutions that protect wood from the inside to the outside, while allowing wood to breathe. Wood is fed in depth.
We only use organic and biodegradable treatments. No dust is generated (no need to sand) and wood recovers its original appearance within 48 hours.


Maintenance of iron and metals

FREPAT offers anti-rust and prevention before paint application solutions. For Corten steel we use oils products such as Owatrol, which are environmentally friendly.

According to the case of painted or galvanized steel,  we apply a treatment for better protection against corrosion that also increases paint adhesion.