Vertical garden for TRANS-HITOS 2017 AWARDS


FREPAT in collaboration with Ceràmica CUMELLA ( and VIVERS-TER (, proposed for TRANSHITOS 2017, a SENSORY TOTEMS FOREST, the B-GREEN OASIS.

The winning project will be built and installed in the distributor 2 of Feria Valencia (Space TRANSHITOS) during the celebration of the International Fair CEVISAMA 2017 to be held in Valencia from February 20th to 24th.

Sensory Ceramic Totems Forest (inspired by the columns of Friedensreich Hundertwasser)

This B-GREEN OASIS, inspired by the famous columns of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, consists of vertical ceramic totems planters, with lights and sounds ... to create a sensory urban forest that combines the beauty and versatility of ceramics with an abundant presence of plants. Going through this forest offers an experience for all the senses: soft sensors activate tropical mists, play of lights and sounds as birdsongs. The ceramic material as protagonist and vegetation surround us in an fresh atmosphere.

Structure of the OASIS B-GREEN


The assembly is articulated and supported by a metal structure that forms an open cube of 4m x 4m x 3m high. Each element is supported by a central column attached to a framed metal base. This base forms a kind of tray which would collect leakage from plants, and would be covered by a ground with a reminiscent water finish.


Totems, stools, planters and lamps hanging up an OASIS in CEVISAMA. Each Totem B-GREEN consists of overlapping individual modules. Inside each module, a selection of plants strategically chosen gives life to each element and the whole space. The modules can be composed in various ways to form different uses. Each module has a small reserve of water to maintain the freshness of plants. Motion, temperature and humidity sensores are used to create a game with the visitor. Some items (such as light stools and hanging lamps) will be equipped with LEDs.


With the collaboration of Cerámicas CUMELLA & VIVERS TER